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 Yellow Rose Cat Club is proud to present
  TICA World of Cats Show
  July 14-15th, 2018
National Western Event Complex
Top Floor
Hall of Education
4655 Humboldt St.
Denver CO 80216

Please be aware: By State Law, all cats 12 weeks of age or older (regardless of state/country of origin) must be vaccinated against rabies and must be accompanied by a current rabies vaccination certificate from a veterinarian.   Exemption forms are allowed.   It is suggested to have your certificate/exemption on hand.


Kim Tomlin
Robert Seliskar
Steven Corneille
Alex Marinets
Theresa Kempton


Hisako Yamada
Steven Corneille
Lorraine Shelton
Nikki Crandall-Seibert
Charlotte Shea

Airport:   Denver International Airport 
  Hotels:  Many hotels within 5-10 miles of the National Western Event Complex

    LaQuinta Park Avenue West
   Super 8 Denver Stapleton
   Motel 6 Denver Central
   Holiday Inn East Stapleton
   Doubletree 2 by Stapleton                                

 Show Hours –  Saturday 10 am to 5pm; Sunday 10-4 pm.  This event is part of the Denver County Fair--one FREE 3-day Fair Admission per exhibitor.  Additional admission tickets online at or via the summary sheet.  Parking passes are $10 for the weekend (down from $8/day).  Please be aware of your cats and possessions--we expect 22K spectators during the course of the 3-day Fair.  

 Exhibitors may not leave the show early without the consent of show management. 

Cages – This is a Bring Your Own Cage 
Show.  Benching will be all double spaces, no singles and this is a bench yourself show.  Clerks and handicapped will have reserved spacing at end of rows...everyone else, join your friends and bench where you would like!  

Supplies – Litter will be provided. Please bring your own litter boxes. People food will be available.  

Health Rules – This is a non-vetted show.  All entries should be inoculated against  Feline Enteritis, Rhino and Calici, plus test negative for Felv. Claws, front and back, need to be clipped. Cats showing any evidence of fleas, mites, fungus or disease will be removed from the show hall.  TICA rules state that all other entries owned or agented by the responsible exhibitor shall also forfeit their place and be removed from the show as well. Household Pet adults must be neutered.  

Registration – Pedigreed cats and household pets may be shown once in TICA with a pending registration number.  Preliminary New Breed, Advanced New Breed and New Trait entries must also be registered. 

Show Rules – This cat show is sanctioned by The International Cat Association and is subject to TICA Show Rules and Breed Standards (available from the TICA Executive Office, P.O. Box 2684, Harlingen, TX 78551, or posted on the TICA website  Yellow Rose Cat Club, Denver County, Denver County Fair and National Western Complex will be held harmless for any damages, claims, losses, etc. of/to the exhibitor and his/her entries.  

Clerks and Stewards – Clerks will be compensated $35 per day, receive lunch and emailed marked catalog PDF with finals and breed. Stewards are paid $20 per day plus lunch.

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